Learn how to Be Relaxed
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Noëlle is a certified meditation teacher and inner work counsellor, helping clients in individual and group sessions to integrate the individual's desired state of being into the oftentimes daily business of life.

  • Safe space of acceptance: The online sessions are safe to express what is truly going on for you. You are not judged for any of your experiences, but fully allowed as you are and supported from where you find yourself right now.
  • Easy to follow personalised practices: Noëlle adjusts her way of working according to what you need in this moment. She uses the information of your mental state, energetic field and possible blockages, which make the guided meditations highly personalised and effective.
  • Practical advice to implement for long-term results: You will not only receive a well structured collection of personalised recorded meditations that you have life-time access to, but you will also be supplied with practical and effective ways to integrate changes and create sustainable results.

Video Testimonials

Here you find a collection of video testimonials created by those who have been working one-on-one with Noëlle for a period of time.
Dirk Jesske (42), Managing Director at Geodis RT Germany GmbH
Dirk Jesske has a busy work life as a managing director, and a full family life as well. His challenge was to find time for himself and relax. Dirk has learned through the meditation sessions to calm down his mind in various types of circumstances.
Valentino Mader (33), High Emergency Nurse
Valentino was experiencing emotional discomfort and pain from the past which he was unable to deal with. He found it difficult to accept how he feels in the moment. His coping strategy was to suppress the feelings, but he didn't feel happy with that long-term.
Valentino had no experience with meditation but gave it a try. He now has found a way within, and to get in touch with his emotions and work with them.
Rolf Pfenniger (45), Leader of Software Architecture Team at the Swiss Cantonalbank
Rolf has a busy job as a team leader in a bank, and has a wife and 3 kids which he is very occupied with. Rolf was very stressed because of this demanding situation. In the sessions with Noëlle he learned to have a better feeling about himself, and to bring his attention to his body and out of his mind. The techniques he learned help him to easily resolve his problems and feelings of stress, and center himself, which gives him a feeling of power. Rolf also describes one of his experiences after a meditation.

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She will find out if and how she can help you, and if you are qualified for a first free consultation.
3. First Free Consultation
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Noëlle will develop a strategy with you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently, and will do a short first meditation practice together.

Afterwards, both sides have the opportunity to decide whether to continue working together.

What clients say...

Angie Mifsud

Senior Manager Research Support Service

After our session I felt an immense sense of self worth. I also received an insight that to see myself in others, is the way to connect. Noëlle is so gentle and intuitive, she feels where you are and transmits an immense sense of peace. I would highly recommend Noëlle's counselling and guidance!

Philipp Stäuble

Business Partner at Aviva Selection

I work now since 6 months with Noëlle! She is a very sensitive person with a fantastic art to give you insight! Very professional, always positive and motivating you, to reach a higher step. Top documentation/recording of the sessions. I strongly recommend to have a first approach talk and you will be persuaded! Thank you Noëlle!


Social Worker

I am so happy for your work Noëlle and grateful for your thoughtful guidance and bringing light to those who want to connect with their inner self and find peace and calmness in meditation. You bring me at ease, with your angelic voice guiding through the meditations, and the wholehearted reassurance of being ok, being present, being connected is a wonderful talent of yours! I leave your sessions happy, relaxed, strong, calm and with a joy in me that stays for the rest of the day. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful experience for everyone who wants to listen. Bless you!

About Noëlle

Noëlle was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She was a hard-working student always going for the highest grades. After her pre-university education, Noëlle was called to work in India, and was hosted by a meditation teacher. Here she started her daily meditation practice, and learned to calm down effectively from the stress that had been accumulated.

In her twenties Noëlle set up well flourishing businesses in relaxation massage, healthy nutrition and organic handmade cosmetics. Life took her through various challenges during her travels and work across the globe, which with the help of meditation enabled her to learn more about the functioning and releasing of all sorts of internal stress.

In her late twenties, Noëlle received the offer to be trained and certified as a meditation teacher. She discovered that offering meditation sessions was her most fulfilling gift to share.


Noëlle is currently based in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany, where she gives online sessions. She is available for sessions in physical too.

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